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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Veto Threats - Whatever

Why does anyone think that the President would ever veto any bill? He's obviously just a puppet, but the question is, "Who is pulling the strings?" There are forty-six recorded instances in the past 5+ years where Bush has threatened to veto a bill and not once has he even sent one back to congress to make some minor changes. Here are a few of the threats that you might remember:

1) Ports deal - business trumps security
2) Torture - if we don't torture them, they won't talk
3) Stem Cell - they're killing babies (but killing babies for in vitro is ok)
4) Nov '05 Senate bill to remove tax cuts for oil companies - fix alt min tax.
5) '04 Highway bill > $256 Billion (arbitrary limit that still breaks bank)
6) '05 Highway bill $350b (higher arbitrary limit that breaks the broke bank)
7) Oct '03 - Lift Ban on travel to Cuba (would lower kickbacks from Bahamas vacations)
8) Jun '05 - Reduce spying on library records (Patriot Act)
9) 2003 - SAFE act to revoke some of Patriot Act.
10) Oct '03 - Afghanistan funding can't be a loan - (American people must pay for it - later)
11) Jul '04 - NASA budget cuts too much. (Yes, he threatened to veto a bill because they were cutting too much - Huh?)
12) Patient's rights bill - (we should sacrifice all the real protection to get rid of a few frivilous lawsuits).

For comparison:
Clinton - 37 Vetoes.
Roosevelt - 635 Vetoes.

Even President Carter and President Johnson had 31 and 30 vetoes respectively when their parties controlled congress.

Veto History

So if you hear this guy complain about pork, or talk about earmark reform, it's kind of like the alcoholic preaching abstinence. Wow! That's not even an analogy. Doesn't it make you angry that a fascist elitist ignorant jerk can hijack our country, drive it into the ground economically, bankrupt the future while skimming billions in war profiteering for himself and his cronies, killing probably more people than Stalin, selling himself as your savior and protector, telling you that he's a God-fearing man, and all the while he's spying on you and incarcerating your countrymen without trial, without representation, without charges, but with torture, indefinitely.

It's a scary place we live in.