Political Ravings of a Certifiable Card-Carrying Liberaltic

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Profiling Disaster

What is wrong with pulling an airline passenger aside and doing a body cavity search because of skin color, clothes style or name ethnicity? I mean really, the only people with anything to hide are those doing something illegal, so why don't we just use bins to separate everyone. We'll even let people pick their own bins when there's a choice (like sexual preference and abortion). If we can put each person in a separate bin, we won't need security at airports. Just don't let the terrorist bin in!

So you get to pick male, female or other. White, Black, Asian, Hispanic or other. Democrat, Republican or Marginal. Christian, Pagan or Heathen. Hetero, Homo or no preference. Tall, Short or rather not say. Employed, artistic or indentured. Educated, artistic or military. Omnivore, carnivore or preachy. Alcoholic, recovering alcoholic or preachy. Monogamist, polygamist or misogynist (last 2 probably overlap). There's a bin for everything; Weight, beauty, laziness, yappiness, income, jerkiness, IQ, ego and ego.

Everyone gets a profile and this profile is secret so no one will ever see it like your credit card and social security numbers (unless you're a veteran). It will only be used for good to keep terrorists from sitting next to you on a plane or bus. You know they've probably not bathed in a while and they tend to take up more than their share of the seat. We could also use these profiles to help bring down health care costs and make people who use health care pay for it. I'm tired of footing the bill for those cancer and chronically ill people I work with. If we profile them out of my health care, I could actually afford my premiums.

Discrimination and stereotypes really could solve all our problems. Why is it so hard to make people see the simple truths? Or is that a stereotype?